July 19, 2024

Where to Watch UFC Fights for Free?

MMA fights are always expected to be epic! That is why millions of fans around the world are looking forward to the next fight. And if two UFC superstars come together in the octagon, then you can by no means miss it. The only problem you may face is “Where to watch UFC fights?” Several streaming platforms and TV providers offer many free UFC viewing opportunities. Unfortunately, there are always limitations. On some sites, you need to dig deep into your pocket to get a long-awaited fight, or you haven’t got access to the UFC out lagging.

Don’t be upset! We are good news for you. Our experts have looked all over the Internet and found several free opportunities to watch UFC fights for you. If you want to know more, then scan our report soon!

Common Problems with Watching UFC Fights

Nearly all followers have jointly 1 difficulty. They can’t follow the MMA free of charge with their beloved competitor. The easiest way is to see the whole bloody fight with your own eyes, right from the arena. But not everything is so simple. Tickets for similar events cost a fortune. They also sell out at an incredible rate.

Many will say that there is CCTV(cable television). You can pay the TV provider some money and enjoy UFC fights without leaving home. Unfortunately, it’s not simple.

Subscription television cost not so much money compared to tickets for a real duel, but it cost like a jillion dollars. If you spend a lot of money on streaming, you won’t get excellent quality. In some regions, the signals are so weak that parts of the fight blackout.

Before, fans could only dream of watching free and UFC translations. Thanks to technical progress development, dreams have come true. Now, anyone can observe the battles of their beloved champions free of charge, but there are certain limitations.

There are countries where people can’t enjoy streaming platforms free of charge due to geographic restrictions. This means that such sports events are not available for the regional TV providers or anyone else. Keep your hand up! Several websites provide a view of UFC fights for naught plus out any limitations.

Best Websites to Watch UFC For Free

If you search, there are numerous web pages on the Internet that enable users to observe battles free of charge. But this is so only at first glance. They contain many advertisements and conditions, by fulfilling which you will be able to view duels free. It’s not cool at all!
We’ve hand-picked some of the best websites that allow you to view UFC fights in real-time with no constraints.


This is a buckshee Dutch site. On it, you can find many television programs and live broadcasts of sports competitions. One only problem is the lack of translation into any other language. But you always have an automatic Google translator at your fingertips. No matter where you live, whether it is the US or other places around the world, turn all the text on the platform to your native language. Then enjoy following your favorite championships in UFC. And to make the battle even more exciting, you can place a bet on your favorite!

YouTube UFC Channel

Another ability concerning buckshee watching duels is the YouTube UFC channel. One only thing that can be annoying is the constant advertising. But, if you are nerves of steel, then you can browse all sports duels here. For those who are annoyed by ads, a premium subscription option is always available.

Stream2Watch TV UFC

If you are interested in some possibilities of buckshee watching fights, then Stream2Watch TV will fit you. That is one more free streaming platform for MMA events. View any sports duels in real-time with no limitations. Is not it cool? It doesn’t matter where you live. Whether in the USA or on another continent. You can apply this tool everywhere, anytime.

Other Opportunities to Observe MMA Live

There are many fights viewing options ready for a fee. Cable and wireless providers such as Verizon, InDemand, AT&T, Optimum, Mediacom, SuddenLink give you access to UFC sports duels. If you prefer watching satellite TV, check out platforms such as DirecTV and Dish.

It is impossible to experience the atmosphere of UFC fights through a TV or computer screen. You can feel something similar in the atmosphere in the arena by visiting the bar with your friends. There you can enjoy watching the battle in real-time for a fee. Trust me, the vibes are worth every penny.

How to Watch UFC Fights in Case Links Get Blocked

There is often a situation when you cannot enter a free site for unknown reasons. Most frustrating when the fight in the octagon is going to start, but you can`t get access to the translation. It is even more unpleasant when you have placed a bet on a favorite, but there is no way to watch his opening. In such cases, VPN comes to the rescue. There are many tools out there to help solve this problem, but the most reliable is NordVPN plus ExpressVPN.

Nord VPN

That is a separate private virtual network. This VPN is suitable for any operating system, whether macOS, Windows, or Linux. There are programs for IOS and Android. The only drawback is that the program is not free. But, you are ready to pay $ 3 to watch your favorite matches for a whole month without any problems.

Express VPN

One of the biggest advantages of this VPN is that to unhindered access, it also offers complete security. This program is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers users. For $ 10 a month, you get full protection for browser traffic plus unlimited passage to any MMA translations.

Time to Make Some Money!

You already know where you can watch free UFC fights. Why not place a bet on your beloved battler and, besides the pleasure of observing, hit a big jackpot!